Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

  This weekend has been absolutely beautiful!! It has been in the 60's and sunny. Oh, I have loved it! I'm a little behind on my cooking posts as I've made a couple of different new meals recently, but those will have to wait until later this week.
  Friday, I worked and came home and was in bed before 9:30pm. It was amazing!! I love a good night's rest and I'm wondering if 8pm is too early for me to turn in tonight?? But judging from this picture, I think I'll be okay!! Snoring away!!

  How is the Wrigster so exhausted? Well, I met up with Erin and her large pup, Baylor, at one of the local dog parks and we threw tennis balls and the pups romped for about an hour. It was pretty nice to be able to let Wrigley run around in a fenced-in area with another dog. The last time Erin and Stephen had gone to this particular park, Baylor was the only dog there, but this beautiful weather brought everyone out today! We scared a 6-pound dachshund and then met a Dutch shepherd, Bailey, who was beautiful. Two other fluffy little dogs joined us for a few minutes and then a black lab came. This was the first time that Baylor and Wrigley met and they did very well together. 
  After we left the park, we came home and I went for a 20 minute run around the neighborhood. It was my first run in a long time and it felt really good! I cannot wait for the spring!! Then I asked Wrigley if he wanted to go for a walk and of course, he went crazy. We did a short walk and he got to meet a lady who was coming out of an open house and stopped me so she could pet him for about 10 minutes. We finished our walk and then I did a little yard work trying to pick up some of the sticks that Wrigley likes to eat when he uses the bathroom.
  Last night, I went out with my bestest and some others for a girls' night out. We ate at Shout and then went out to Opera. It was a pretty good night, but I think I'm going to hit the hay! Have a good start to your week!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bear down!

Just getting Wrigley ready for this week's game.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Damn Eagle!

Thank you, Auburn!! Finally! Redemption for our 2004 season! War Eagle, baby!

Cam Newton  from Auburn's website Nick Fairley

 from Sports Illustrated

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wrigley in the Snow

  Wrigley is playing in the snow this morning:

Snow Day

  Last night it started snowing around 9ish at our house and kept going through the night until about 5:30 when it started sleeting, but it sure is beautiful!! On top of the ice is a thin layer of ice and so far, not too many people have been trying to get out though my neighbor across the street drove himself to Kroger and we have seen a few cars go past our street. The last time we had snow last year around this exact same time, we couldn't get out of our neighborhood due to the ice at the top of the hill. I am hoping that it all clears up before Wednesday when I have to work. Patrick's client closed their office today so he is at home working. I am very happy that he isn't having to drive up to the mountains today and he gets to stay home and watch AUBURplay in the National Championship. Hooray!! I am just thankful that I had scheduled myself to be off today and tomorrow in preparation for the game because my poor friends had to drive to the hospital early yesterday and spend the night so they could work on the floor this morning! Ludacris, I tell you! Such is the life of a nurse. These pictures are from this morning. 
Looking out our front door

Icicles off my window in the kitchen

Part of our deck in the back yard

Terrible picture, but look at the amount of snow on the chair!

  Wrigley absolutely loves the snow and he bounds in it like a little rabbit. I love it. He also likes to eat the snow and this morning, he kept sticking his face into the snow, but would shake off the snow before I could get a good picture of him. The bad thing is that he really doesn't know what to do when he has to go to the bathroom and so I suggested to P that he shovel out a little grassy area for Wrigley to do his business. So far, it has worked once. P said he tried to poop this morning when he got up and Wrigley squatted but jumped up immediately when he felt his bottom touch the snow and looked at P like, "Whoa, dude, that is COLD!!" HAHA! I just love it!!

  In preparation for our big "snowstorm" in the south last night, I decided to make Green Pepper Steak for dinner and used the leftover Greek salad from Mellow Mushroom. I also picked up ingredients to make Broccoli Cheddar soup. I have found two recipes online and am going to see if I can combine them to make a stellar soup. I'll post it when I make it. I can't decide if I want to make it tonight or tomorrow night. In addition, I also made 12 more Freezer Sandwiches (I was trying to make 16, but whoops, I forgot to get an extra 1/2 pound of ham, ergo we have 12). If the power goes out, I'm hoping I can still use my gas stove to heat up some food. ? Hopefully, we won't have to worry about that. One last WAR  EAGLE!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


After a long walk, we collapse like this:

Happy Birthday!

  Today marks the day my twin older brothers were born! I just wanted to send out a little happy birthday to both of you! Yes, we've had fights but we've had good times too and I hope that you both get to celebrate doing something fun today!!
  Rob, I'm glad we got to have you over here during Thanksgiving though P and I weren't the night owls that we should have been! I guess you'll just have to come back and visit us so we can actually take you out in Atlanta!
  Josh, I wish we had been able to spend more time with you on Thanksgiving, but I guess sleeping was important! War Dawgs! :) Please come visit us in Atlanta sometime!

 Anyways, I love you both very much and I hope that you get everything you wish for on this very special day!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a Little Late

  Better late than never, right? As I'm supposed to be taking my Christmas decorations down officially today, I will finally post a few pictures of the Christmas decor I was able to put up around the house. I can't believe that Christmas is already over! I'm in mourning as I love Christmas and this year I wasn't able to get my decorations up as soon as I wanted to! Oh well! Better luck next year!
  *Eek, I just reached my limit of storage space on my blog and had to purchase more space? Has this happened to anyone else?

   Well, there ya go. Not too much, but it worked for me this year. I can't wait to hopefully add some more decorations next year! (I forgot to take pictures of my wreath and garland on the front porch. Oh well!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three Years

  On this day, three years ago, I married the love of my life. We were blessed to have so many of our friends and family members with us in Jackson as we started our lives together. Though Patrick doesn't remember much of our wedding (I think he was just too overwhelmed), I remember all the details including the gold chairs that I wanted and my mom surprised me with on the day of the wedding and our Chicago Bears and Cubs ornaments just for Patrick. I loved that my friends sang at my wedding and that my friend played violin at our wedding and another who recited the scripture. I thoroughly enjoyed the music at our wedding and cried a little, but laughed when we could hardly get Patrick's ring on his finger but now it will fly off at a moment's notice. I loved our reception and although we didn't get to eat anything really, I think our food was pretty good. Our band was fantastic and I loved that pretty much everyone was out on the dancefloor at some point. My cousin had my Mama Mil dancing until she had to stop because of "her heart palpitations". Yup, it rocked. And poor Hunter Gibson and the Gators had to play Sweet Home Alabama twice since the bride *ahem* was talking to an Alabama fan in the main room while they played it the first time.

  We took a "mini-moon" to Birmingham after the wedding since I was still in nursing school and we only had three days before I had to go back to school. But we made up for it on our first anniversary as we spent it in St. Lucia. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You should really go sometime. And I want to go back again now!
  Our second anniversary, we spent down in Tampa visiting Patrick's family but snuck away to Bern's Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner. It was absolutely delicious and such a fun experience while we ate our dessert in our little cubby and toured the behind the scenes wine cellar.
   So on this third anniversary, what are we doing? Well, the hubs is home from work early and we are watching our recorded shows on the couch on this rainy day. Nothing like starting out the new year sick (thanks, P), but at least I have this week off from work and I'm glad Pat is here instead of out of town like we thought he was going to be. I'm hoping that I'll be better by this weekend, so we might partake in a glass of champagne celebrating the new year (since I had to work) and our anniversary! Since we thought Pat was going to be out of town this week, we celebrated early last Monday night at Canoe. I had the African squash soup, but it was too sweet for my taste (try it at Woodfire Grill and you will agree) and P had the mussels for his appetizer. Then I had the beef tenderloin and substituted the pork tenderloin's side of risotto instead of whatever was supposed to go with the beef and I was quite happy I did that as the risotto was amazing. Patrick ordered the rabbit with ravioli which was okay. For dessert, I had the creme brulee and P had the chocolate grotto. I enjoyed mine, but prefer a deeper dish for my creme brulee because the top can get a little overwhelming. Patrick really enjoyed his and I think we would rate it about a 7 out of 10. I did enjoy our little booth though it would have been nice to have two more people because I hate it when couples sit next to each other in a booth when it's just the two of them. It weirds me out for some reason, but overall, it was a nice dinner and I enjoyed being with my P.