Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I finally got some Christmas decorations out on saturday afternoon. I haven't decided if I am going to use my holly branches in the hurricane vases or not yet. I might need a little green in my life. ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me!

  My Christmas came a little early. I have been wanting a china cabinet ever since we moved into our house and today, I finally found one! I headed over to My Favorite Place and found a decent size china cabinet that I like. It took forever because I can't have a huge piece in the space I have and it has to be raised to allow for the floor vent. I am trying to decide whether to have it delivered or if I can't wait (probably will be the case), I will make Pat come with me on Saturday to pick it up. Hooray!! I will finally have a spot for my china (I know my mom will appreciate having it out of her house!) and it will be nice to have something up on the wall in the dining room.
  Now I just have to decide on paint colors!! Any suggestions? I will be replacing the hardware too, so this shall be a very interesting adventure!! Any good tips of how to refinish furniture? Comments would be much appreciated!! I'm thinking of doing a crackle finish on it or I might just paint it a very very pale blue or green. Oh, I can't wait!!!!

  I'm thinking about doing it like this:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It was a long night at agility and little man is tuckered out!

Auburn Versus Georgia

  This year we were able to go to not only the Ole Miss game, but also the Georgia game. Pat and I were going to drive up to Athens just for the day and hang out watching the game at a bar with our friends, Stephen and Erin, but my parents were able to find us tickets. My parents actually flew into Atlanta on Friday and drove up to Athens to meet one of my dad's friends and his wife for the weekend. My dad has decided that he wants to go to every SEC football stadium, so when one of his friends offered him tickets, he jumped on the chance.
  We drove up on Saturday morning and grabbed the tickets from my parents' hotel, Hotel Indigo, which I think I want to stay at the next time I go to Athens. Patrick and I finally found the lot we were supposed to park in and made our way slowly towards the stadium. We saw my parents on the field (their friends got them sideline tickets too) and that was about as exciting as the game was for us unfortunately.

Can you find my parents yet? Look to the immediate right of the kicker's net. There they are!
  We got to see Kate who had flown in from Orlando and Allison and Stephen found us in our seats too. After halftime (or maybe the 3rd quarter), we left our seats to go sit with my parents and ran into (literally, almost!) my dad who was coming to find us in our seats. We went back with him and sat with my parents and their friends for the remainder of the game.

  Then we met up with Stephen and Erin outside the stadium and went downtown to find a place to eat. The first place we went had a "five hour wait" which very well could have been, but that seemed a bit much for us. We wandered down the road to another favorite place of Stephen's and Erin's, Transmetropolitan. We were standing in the very long line for a while until Stephen decided to go upstairs to get a pitcher while we waited. He came back downstairs and told us he had spoken to a guy who said we should order the pizza as take-out and then bring it upstairs to eat it there. Well done, my friend, well done! We followed his advice and our pizza was ready in 45 minutes, which was much quicker than waiting in line as all of the people directly in front of us were still waiting at the counter to order! We were even able to grab a booth (though we had to clean it ourselves-the bartenders weren't the best waitresses) and enjoy our drinks while we waited. After that, we finally headed across campus to our car and left Athens. It was a late night and long day, but we had so much fun! Patrick also enjoyed his first time in the stadium and my parents enjoyed their virgin visit to Athens too.