Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Corgi Christmas

  A little late, but we participated in The Corgi Butts Christmas Exchange that Kelly set up last year for us. We received our present and I had to keep it away from Wrigley because he kept sniffing it, knowing it was his. Ever since the exchange last year, Wrigley has loved opening gifts (I wish I had taken a video; it's hilarious!) because he thinks each present is for him and he loves tearing the paper and sticking his head in bags.

  Our present was wrapped so nicely within the shipping box and Wrigley was going crazy. We opened the card and found out our Secret Corgi Santa was Aparna and Gryff! I thought this was funny because last year, we sent Gryff's gift!

Finally to the good stuff, Mom!! 

  Opening the last box, we found a gift for me--a very cute reusable bag which I love! And there were two gifts for Wrigley: a skinneez raccoon and a galileo bone. He could not wait to get his teeth on both of them!!

Gimme dat coon!

  Thank you so much, Aparna and Gryff!!! We love our gifts!! I can't wait for next year again! It's such a cool gift exchange!


  1. haha, so cute! And I never mentioned that I love your Christmas card :) Thanks for sending us one! Next year is the year we will get on it and send out tangible cards and not just cyber cards.

  2. Aww yay!! :D I DID realize that you were our secret santa this year and I was so happy that we got your name! It's like fate :) I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your gifts! Wrigley is TOO cute!

  3. So cute! I love how he is just waiting so patiently!!