Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting into Running

  I am really trying to get a little healthier and am trying to start running. I wish I enjoyed running like Suz does and wish I had her motivation. The girl just finished her 8th half marathon in the last 4 months! WHAT?! I don't think I can do that ever, but I am starting slowly with some 5K races. I signed up for the Peachtree again and right now I need to do a little more running to be able to do decently in the race. Eek! It's pretty soon, so I've got to start training stat!
Pre-race with our mustaches
Pre-race Man Mates
With Pat who can't stand the sun! hehe!
  On May 5, Kathryn, Patrick, Dave, Danielle, Amanda, Evelyn, and I ran the One Stache Dash 5K. It was really hot and the race didn't start until 9am, but we had fun! The boys ran together and the girls ended up running together. It wasn't my best race, but considering I haven't really run since the Peachtree last year, it was okay. There is definite room for improvement, so hopefully we shall see some!
Post-race (notice we all lost those pesky "staches")

Post-race margaritas with the bestest
Looking rough post-race
  I felt pretty terrible Saturday morning, but figured I could try and run the Brookhaven Bolt as I had already paid my sign up fee and I had also begged Allison to run it with me. It was a gorgeous morning with the perfect amount of breeze! I felt like it took forever to get started, but it was a good run though I had nothing left once I crossed the finish line. The race took place through my neighborhood, but half of it I had never been through before, so that was cool to see how beautiful different parts of my neighborhood is. This was the biggest Bolt they have had yet and I'm glad I was finally able to participate in it after living here for several years! Lots of the neighbors were out on their porches, driveways, and yards hanging out, drinking coffee, and watching us run. I thought that was hilarious, but fun to have random people cheering you on while we ran. We ran past our house and Wrigley was watching everyone run past through the window; it was precious! Next year, I might possibly take Penny on the run with me because I don't think Wrigley will be able to make 3 miles, but Penny should.
Me with Allison post-Bolt
  The next race I'm running is through the Virginia Highlands with Kathryn, Danielle, and Amanda in June. I'm going to try to run a little between now and then, so maybe I can shave off more of my time! According to the results of both races, I was at 35:59 for Cinco de Mayo and then my "chip" time for Saturday was 34:02, which I think is more accurate than "gun" time which was 34:23. Not too shabby for  feeling bad! Maybe I can get to 32 for the next one? Is that wishful thinking or can it be done??

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  1. Great job on the race Emily! I think 32 is doable. Just focus on running some shorter distances at a faster pace and then during the cool down run at a pace that's comfortable. I did that and only did as much as I felt like I could handle at the time and it helped my 5K time.

    Thanks for the shout! I appreciate your sweet words!