Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Project #1:
  I finally uploaded some pictures from my camera from the Cinco De Mayo party and realized I never posted about my little project I snagged from Pinterest. I used the little drink umbrellas and stuffed them in my grapevine wreath that I already had but had never used from last year for our front door.

  I bought some moss, two flower pots, and two topiaries from the craft store and went to work on my little umbrella topiaries below. I'm pretty pleased how they turned out, but have no idea how to store them after the fact? Sorry, Pat, they might remain out all the time! :)

Project #2:
  I saw this painting over on Bower Power and knew these colors would look great in my dining room, so I had to recreate it! I enjoy symmetry and knew I needed to make two of them. I snagged some paints and two canvases from Michael's and went to work one night.

Blank canvas
After letting them dry overnight, I hung them up next to my china cabinet that I finally got around to painting!! I am very pleased with the outcome and so thankful that Katie shared her art! She is so talented and I must admit that I wish I had even some of her great ideas and her skills as a DIY-er!! (I hope I don't freak her out if she ever happens upon this post!)
side by side paintings

Finished products with my finished china cabinet (can you tell my fav colors?)

Project #3: Hair Ties

  Instead of buying these hair bands for a pretty penny, I am going to make them myself! I have seen two tutorials on pinterest and it is definitely easy enough! I made a couple last night and will finish the rest this week! I have several yards to go!

Project #4: Christmas Bell Wreath
  I made this last year, so it's an oldie but a goodie and I can't wait to bring it back out this year at Christmas. Of course, I'm no Martha, but I do enjoy it.

 Though I might make it smaller the next time--wire hangers are hard to bend!!

Project #5: More Art
  I have a small board on Pinterest dedicated to art that I like and I can't remember if these pieces have made it on there or not. They are all pieces at a home furnishings shop in Jackson and I love the colors of each of them and just might have to try my hand at them! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Race Recaps

  On August 18, I ran the Vinings Downhill 5k with Allison. Doc and her husband also signed up for the race and we met them (accidentally) in the port-a-potty line. (This wasn't quite like we had planned, but I hadn't been able to call her before the race yet, so it worked out nicely!) I actually had a PR on this race! Hooray! I keep improving my time each 5k I do, though I haven't gotten under 30 minutes YET. Oh don't you worry, I will!! :) This was a pretty fun race to do and there were so many people out since it's called "the fastest 5k in Atlanta" and is a Peachtree qualifier (like most races in Atl, I'm discovering). 
Now I have never run straight down hill before and later in the day, my calves were killing me, but it was a good race. Apparently, they changed the course from last year (they said) and ended it up hill at a school over 3 or 4 speed bumps, but I was still able to sprint at the end. I finished with a time of 31:20.18 which is my best time for a 5k yet. I do want to break 30 minutes in my next 5k, but I haven't signed up for another race yet.
Welcome to Atlanta!

the morning sun was rising 

doc, me, and allison ready to race

  Y'all saw that I signed up for the Big Peach Sizzler 10k over Labor Day and I was quite impressed with this race! The course was relatively flat for Atlanta and it was fun since it ran around my 'hood. I actually ran this race by myself though my friend, Katie, was running a 10k in Cumming at the same time. I was a little nervous running by myself (I am always at least meeting someone at the race), but I met a very nice (and fast!) girl in line at the bathrooms before we started. I was enjoying the run when I heard a lady next to me on the left say that she was "going to take it easy since she had run 12 miles the previous day". I was super impressed, but just kept running. Maybe about a half mile later, I look to my right and there is the 12 mile lady! I ask her about her run the day before and she tells me she is training for an iron man at the end of the month and when I ask her what pace she is going to run, she says, "just to keep up with you". We chat for the next few miles and I tell her my roadblock is 3 miles. Once I'm over 3, I feel like I can keep going, but until then, it's a little harder (especially on a treadmill). She agrees and says she isn't going to walk until after mile 3. Well, mile 3 comes and goes and I think I ended up losing her around mile 4. I swear, mile 5 was tortuous and I was freaking out to myself, wondering how the heck am I going to finish 13 in November, but then I saw mile 6. Hallelujah! There was a photographer telling people to smile for the camera (seriously? I took the most awkward pictures here!!) and then I rounded the bend to see the finish line! I was able to sprint at the end for this race too and felt okay except the outer side of my right knee was starting to bother me. I finished this 10k in 1:07:13.55 and shaved off about 8 minutes from the Peachtree!! Here is hoping to shave off another 8 minutes on my next 10k!!
Such a cute logo and it's on bright orange shirt! Fabulous!!

Post race photo-I might need matching tops and shorts for racing (I'm a little wild with my colors!)
  I will probably try to run both of these races again next year as they were both fun and seem to be staple runs in Atlanta. I haven't done that much running since the Sizzler and am really needing to amp up my runs for my half marathon training, but my right knee has been bothering me. I am thinking it's my IT band and that I might need to find out where I can buy a foam roller and some good stretching exercises for it so I can keep it healthy. Fellow runners, any thoughts?