Monday, November 15, 2010

Trip to Jackson

  Last Wednesday, I packed up the Wrigster and we drove over to Jackson to hang out with my family. Patrick was having a boys' weekend in Tampa with his family, so I figured we would take a little trip of our own too.
Tucker and Wrigley after we arrived in Jackson
  Wrigley was super excited to play with Tucker and they ran around like crazy the entire weekend. It was hilarious. I think Tucker was happy to have another pup to "dance" with for a few days. He has been alone since we had to put his sister, Pixie, down, so he enjoyed the company. I'm just glad to know that my pup isn't the only one who is such a crazy chewer. I took Wrigley's whole box of toys and he didn't touch any of them! He only wanted to chew on Tucker's toys the entire time we were there.
I just love those little butts!
The stick
 The favorite toy of the weekend was the Kong tennis stick. Wrigley made the most noise as he would steal the stick from Tucker, walk around with it in his mouth, and growl. Poor Tuck spent the whole weekend waiting for the Wrigster to drop the toy or get bored with a toy so he could grab whatever it was that Wrigley had. It was too funny.
Wrigley and Tucker waiting for us to throw a ball

Tucker doing the dance with Wrigley waiting

Run away!

Sharing the stick on the baby beds
  Mom and I ate at Little Tokyo on Thursday for lunch and then we went again on Friday when Margaret came into town from Ole Miss. And sadly, the waitress recognized us. Whoops! They use a miso salad dressing that I wish I could replicate! It is amazing and when we were in the apartment, I tried to replicate it but it didn't work at all. I might try to find a different recipe and go back to the Dekalb farmer's market to get some miso paste. I could eat a lunchbox from Little Tokyo every day of my life. YUM! Chicken teriyaki, steamed gyoza with a special sauce, salad with miso dressing. I'm missing it already!
  On Saturday before the Auburn game, we ran over to Keifer's to get gyros and pita with feta. Keifer's is also one of the places that I love to go to when I'm in Jackson. We got home to watch the game and though I'm very glad we won, I was extremely disappointed with all the craziness that occurred at the end of the game. I don't know what happened, but I'm so upset that our guys threw punches after being provoked. I am also upset that someone decided it would be fun to light our trees at Toomer's on fire. Not cool whoever that was. Oh well, I'm excited to have the SEC West Championship game here in Atlanta and hopefully, I can find some tickets!!


  1. Are Tucker & Wrigley related? They look so much alike!

    Gibson is only interested in other dog's toys when we go to someone elses house too. And when other dogs come here, he gets totally possessive!! :)

  2. They are; I believe Tucker is Wrigley's uncle. We bought him from the same breeder that my mom got hers from in Birmingham.
    That's so funny about Gibson!! It's crazy! Of course, Wrigley was possessive of Tucker's toys too though!