Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Under the Weather

  Yup, I'm sick. Had to call out from work today and will probably have to go to the doctor tomorrow. UGH. I hate being sick. At least the Wrigster has been keeping me company as I have been drinking spice tea all day long and going through boxes of kleenex like it's my job.
  I've watched When Harry Met Sally and Notorious when I haven't been sleeping. I'm hoping the hubs will bring me some more soup tonight.
  I've caught up on my blog reading and Bryn's first giveaway has brightened my day. Check it out here. I am especially loving the beautiful fabric and copper bowl!
  Alright, back to resting my eyes and praying that I'll be feeling better before the end of the week is out so hopefully I can write a post about our trip to Oxford! And just because I can't have a blog without a photo (or try not to), here you go.

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