Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday Wishes

  I have been looking at a lot of different jewelry recently and have come across several pieces I would love to have. I have been wearing more and more gold recently and I am just loving this earrings on the Isabella website:

I am also loving several necklaces from the Dogeared website. For some reason, I can't really get the photos of the necklaces from the site, so you will just have to go and check them out for yourself! Be careful though, you might become hooked! I like the Karma necklace because of its simplicity (

I also really like the Whispers cross necklace (, the make a wish necklace (, and the one-in-a-million necklace ( I can't decide if I like all these in gold or silver though.

As I'm sitting here, I am super pumped that I just heard some ice fall in the freezer. Our ice machine stopped working probably two weeks ago and Wrigley and I have been dying. It was especially bad when I was sick because I didn't want to drink hot water, so I made Patrick go buy bottled water so I could have cold water. The guy came out from GE and replaced the ice machine and said it would take about 24 hours before we had ice, but I'm so excited to hear the first ice fall!! Hooray! (It's the small things in life, right?) Now I'm off to finally make Patrick an apple pie and some bread as I finish up some chores this morning!

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