Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lesson Learned

  These past few weeks have turned out to be quite busy for us. I've still been loving my new job and have been trying to make sure I'm doing everything right and get to know all my new coworkers. I have thus gained one nickname, Casper, of which I'm sure all my friends and coworkers alike will love. I have also been very thankful that though I now work five days a week (gasp, I know, I know, I have been spoiled these last two years by working a "full" week of three days), I was able to take off to Mississippi where my mom was having surgery. My mom is quite the rockstar and is doing very well in her recovery. When I returned on Monday, many of my coworkers asked me how my mom was doing and I had really only just met them a month earlier!

  I now am trying to lay low as I contracted strep over the worst possible weekend to contract anything. Yes, poor Patrick was celebrating his birthday on Friday and his wonderful parents were in town for the weekend and we had so much planned, yet I got sick. I came home after work on Friday and slept for about 3-4 hours with a fever of 99.4. I realized that was why I had been freezing all day long even though I was scrubbed in at work. (I'm sure all the doctors were puzzled why I was trying to stay up under the lights when you usually hate to be under them!) I was able to join Pat and his parents for dinner at Bones (yum), but wasn't really able to enjoy much of it. The rest of the weekend, I froze everyone out as I battled with fevers up to 102.7. Yeah, probably should have gone to the clinic at that point, but I'm a stubborn nurse. Anyways, I went to the doc yesterday and got some medication to hopefully perk up my lousy self, but y'all even my gums hurt! My dad said, "Well, you did wait a little long there so of course you're going to hurt." Awesome. Pat gets to make me soup tonight and I know he is just super excited.

  Wrigley is doing agility, but he isn't the star student in the class. There's another corgi in the class and she is six months old and she is running all over the jumps and through the tunnels back and forth and back and forth and Wrigley just looks at me. It's a bit ridiculous. I was looking online yesterday to see how much some at home equipment would be and yeah, I'm not buying a tunnel for 400 bucks. Little man will just have to deal with the tunnel at the class. I am beginning to think that he might be too much of a mama's boy because he gets scared with everything or he is just too smart and wants to see me do everything before he does it. I mean, it's pretty bad when the whole class is cheering for your dog when he runs through the tunnel once or jumps once. UGH! We shall keep trying. I've got to get him to lose weight somehow (the walks were helping before I developed tendonitis) or my vet is going to kill me. Wrigley is almost 40 pounds!! What a piggy!! He dwarfs the female corgi who is in our class and the one who is five years old in the class after ours. It's just ridiculous!
  I'm very thankful (selfishly) that none of my family or friends were hurt in last week's tornadoes that swept across the Southeast. Many of them have been without power and have still been helping others in their towns. It's unbelievable to see footage of the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa and the other surrounding towns. I mean, people found debris from Alabama in Georgia. Please, help if you can! Prayers are welcome for sure!


From: http://toomers-for-tuscaloosa.webs.com/


  1. haha, I think Gibson would be the same way as Wrigley in agility class.. He is so hard-headed! :)

    I'm glad none of your family were hurt by the tornados too! Such scary stuff! :(

  2. Yes, that's exactly what the teachers have said! One said, "now I'm guessing he might be a little stubborn at home too, huh?" um, you've got that right!! Thanks, Kelly! It has been pretty scary! I made my mom watch the videos you loaded and she loved Gibson's crown!!