Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yummy Recipes from Last Night

  I'm working on redoing how I put recipes on my blog, so it will be easier to print out; please bear with me as I decide how I want to do this! Update: I finally figured out a way to do it, hence the late update! Hooray!! Last night (August 23), Kate and Allison came over and we enjoyed a delicious dinner! I had an amazing time with these ladies; they are such great company!! We accompanied our dinner with a couple of bottles of Chianti (yum!) and visited for several hours.
  I was impressed with myself as I had prepared most of the food before they even arrived (pretty rare as I always think it will take me less time to cook than it does). If you only try to make one of these recipes, I would highly suggest the homemade yeast rolls. OH MY GOODNESS!! They were delicious! I mean, three girls devoured 6 of them!! :) And, I had two with my leftovers tonight! However, the poppyseed chicken rocks too!! Actually, on the other hand, I think you should just recreate this dinner because it was pretty spectacular.
  I've made the Poppyseed Chicken Casserole before for Patrick and we both thought it was delicious. I decided to make it again since I was a little wary of the recent e. coli outbreak in beef across Kroger and Publix. I don't think I served it over rice the last time, but neither Pat nor I could remember. Last night, I did serve it over rice (like the recipe suggested) and it was great.

  The majority of my "cooking" time was waiting for my homemade yeast rolls to rise. But, man, oh, man, these suckers are worth every minute!! I am ecstatic to find a roll recipe that is simple and so perfect! These pretty much taste just like Sister Shubert's yeast rolls and they are bigger!! Thank you, America! Since Pat missed out on these, I do believe I will have to buy some more bread flour and bake them again on Sunday.
  Allison brought over ingredients for salad and we made a Caesar salad with the delectable Weight Watcher's Caesar salad dressing that Erin and Stephen introduced me to. I also sauteed some green beans in a little EVOO and minced garlic with some grape tomatoes to add a little color to the plate.
  Lastly, Kate brought over a pie that she had made and it was deliciously rich! By the way, Kate, please send me the recipe so I can showcase it here! Nom, nom!! Enjoy!!

Printable Recipes:
Yeast rolls
Poppyseed chicken casserole
Sauteed green beans
Kate's dessert


  1. Kate's pie looks amazing (as does everything else)!

  2. I know! It was good! I've got to get her recipe!