Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ole Miss Versus Auburn

  Life has been moving at full speed recently and this blog has fallen by the wayside. I'm going to try to do a few posts this week to catch up on everything.
Ice sculpture in the new Foy
  For Halloween weekend, we went to Auburn for our annual football game rivalry. My parents and sister met us in Auburn on Friday night. By the time we finally made it to Auburn, we were all starving. We tried to go to my dad's favorite restaurant, Amsterdam's, but we were told that the wait was going to be 2 hours (mind you, this is 8:30-9 AT NIGHT!). Yeah, no, not happening. So we called Niffer's and they told us the wait was 30 minutes and we put our name on the list immediately. Mom, Margaret, and I all got fishbowls while the boys enjoyed a beer. I don't remember when they changed it, but you used to be able to order a huge fishbowl if you had 6 IDs, I believe, but now everyone has to have their own much, much smaller fishbowl. I guess they are trying to stop spreading mono and other illnesses around campus? Anyways, we enjoyed our dinner and drinks and ended up shutting the restaurant down around 11, I believe.
Tiger Walk
  On Saturday, we were able to walk around downtown for several hours before the game since it was an evening game and really enjoy being back in Auburn. We ate at Momma G's (though not nearly soon enough for Patrick) after we visited, oh yes, all of the bookstores in Auburn for Mom. I found a really cute Auburn stocking and an Auburn onesie for sweet Stef's baby to come!! We sipped on some Toomer's lemonade and then started heading to campus to visit some tailgates. We saw Allison and Katie Doc before slowly making our way towards Tiger Walk. Unfortunately, we couldn't really see the players up close and personal there, but Andy and Jenny (one of my nursing school girls) found us and then we were able to meet up with Mindy!! We only got to spend a few moments together, but it was great to see them all!!

Waaaarrrrr Eagle, Hey!
  After I snapped a few pictures with Jenny and Mindy, my camera died so I had to rely on my phone for pictures for the rest of the night. We got into the stadium and our seats were on the second row. It was hilarious to be in Jordan-Hare and still watching the game on the jumbotron! We had a great time though and even made friends with the four Ole Miss guys in front of us. Poor Pat, but hey, there's always next year!

Little did Aubie know...

Nova, one of our eagles

Oh, hey, Dad!
  On Sunday morning, we got up and went back downtown to try Amsterdam's one more time, but this time, there was nowhere to park, so we turned around and went to Pannie George's for some good home-cookin'. I had no idea they had been in Auburn so long and got to talk to one of the daughters who is a cardiac nurse at the local hospital one day a week (possibly worked with her when I was in school). I really enjoyed it and was glad to be fed by the time we waited there for at least half an hour. You should definitely try if you ever go to Auburn! After lunch, we drove back downtown to go into some of the shops that we had missed and saw how they are now hand-picking the toilet paper out of our beloved trees (before the poisoning, they used to powerwash the paper down on Sundays). We stopped at Toomer's again for another lemonade and were back on the road to Atlanta. It proved to be another great weekend for our in-house rivalry, though I think Patrick has learned not to bet anymore on the game! :) War Eagle!

Toomer's Corner


  1. wait a minute, what the hell is Ole Miss' mascot now? They really got rid of Colonel Reb?! Ahhh, I envy you guys being in the heart of SEC land! Hope all is well with you both!

  2. It was, Suz! We had such a great time! Rach, Pat says colonel reb was axed in 2003, but the black bear has just appeared now. We are doing well and I hope y'all are too! Let us know if y'all are ever in Atlanta and we can hang out!