Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

     This weekend has been quite relaxing for us. Patrick had his stomach scoped on Friday, but he got very little anesthesia for it so he didn't have any funny statements this time. These are two very amusing videos showing people after anesthesia. Kid after anesthesia and girl after wisdom teeth surgery. Both are from Today's Big Thing. I only wish Patrick had been as amusing, but I'm glad that the scope went well. We still don't know anything, but hopefully the biopsies will reveal something this week. On Friday night, we had a game night with Stephen and Erin. Saturday, Patrick had an ultimate frisbee game and Wrigley and I supported him. Wrigley has decided he really likes hanging his head out of the window while we are riding in the car. He actually sometimes acts like a dog! I can't believe it! Later that night, we went to a a birthday party at Dave's house. Overall, we had a pretty low key weekend and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather that we're having!
     Tomorrow will begin our first day working out with P90X. I am not looking forward to it; however, Patrick is quite excited. We just watched the video before you're supposed to start the workout and I'm afraid I won't be very good at following the diet plan. Hopefully, we will lose some weight and get more toned after this is all said and done. We should be finished with it by our vacation in July. I have heard mixed reviews about it from people, so I'll try to keep you updated on our progress. Patrick has already lost about 15 pounds due to some stomach issues and I know I've gained probably 15 pounds since our wedding in 2008. Ugh! That should be motivation enough for me, but not so much. But tomorrow is the day! We shall see how we do! (Maybe by publishing this, I will be motivated to keep it up!)

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