Saturday, August 21, 2010

Homeownership Woes

  So yesterday afternoon around 2, it started raining. I was on my
computer in the dining room with Wrigley sleeping at my feet.
Suddenly, Wrigley starts barking and growling at something in the
sunroom. I tell him to be quiet becuase sometimes he will just start
going crazy for no reason and that's what u thought was happening
until I start listening. And what do I hear but plunk, plunk, plunk. I
realize that I am hearing rain drops inside my house!! Cue freak out
time!! I jump up and see drops of rain dripping down onto one of my
director's chairs in the sunroom. I look up and see the stream of
water rolling down the wall where one of our skylights are.
  I call two companies and thankfully, one is able to send a guy out
to tarp the skylight for a mere 450 bucks! Ugh!! But that seems to be
the going rate as the other company quoted that price to me too. I
must admit that I did go to my haircut while I was waiting on the
second company to call me back because the rain had stopped and I did
have a pot underneath to catch the drips. Of course, the guy called me
back right when I got to my salon and said he would be at my house in
an hour. I got my hair cut then drove like a madwoman in traffic to
get back to my house. I walked into my house and saw this:

Yup, we now have a lovely blue tarp covering our skylight to prevent the leak from doing any more damage. I'm so glad this company was able to send out a guy to tarp the skylight since it POURED last night and the other company couldn't send anyone out until today to place the tarp. Unfortunately, the guy thinks we might have to replace the whole roof because the people who lived here before us used a sketchy guy to replace the whole roof and gluing shingles on isn't quite the way it's supposed to be done. I am hoping they can just patch a few of the worst areas, but I'm doubtful. At least if we have it replaced, I guess we will have a ten year guarantee from a reputable company that won't not return my phone calls or disconnect their phone!! Oh, the woes of home ownership!

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