Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Last Week at the Beach

  After my parents left the beach on Sunday, my bestest, Kathryn, and her boyfriend, Dave, drove down to spend the last week with us. My mom was mad because we stayed up super late all week long when we couldn't even stay up later than 11pm one night with her! We ate pizza and played several games of hand and foot throughout the night as soon as Kat and Dave got to the beach. Wrigley also decided that his new best friend was Dave, so we started calling Dave Wrigley's "grandpa-pa". You can see the evidence of Wrigley's newfound love from this picture below.

I love the fact that the Wrigster adopted Dave and Patrick had to get a picture for the full effect.

Dave and his new BFF

  I absolutely love it. Wrigley did too, as he didn't wake up for several hours as we played cards. For a while now, every time the four of us get together and play cards, it is always girls versus boys. I think it was last summer (Kat, correct me if I'm wrong) when we were at the beach together that we formed pair names. The boys became Manmates and the girls were aptly named Skinny B******, or Skinny B's. Kathryn makes a killer margarita based off of the skinny girl margarita that we kept sipping the whole time we were at the beach and our name was born! Now it's been a running joke that whenever we are drinking our "B" juice, we kill the boys in cards. Well, our juice didn't seem to have the usual mojo it carries as we lost most of our games we played. UGH! I hate losing!

  The above picture is very random, but I had to document the huge bruise I got when I jumped out of my dad's car to go eat at The Beach Club. Yup, that's what slamming a door on your leg will do. Watch out for those rear Explorer doors! It has finally healed and I am so glad! Ouch!
  Anyways, when we weren't playing cards at night, we were laying out by the pool. It was quite relaxing. We grilled steaks, tomatoes, onions, and okra one night and then Kathryn made an amazing shrimp creole another night. We ate at Cosmo's again, but it was terrible. I ordered the grilled shrimp and none of them were deveined. I'm sorry, but that doesn't fly in my book. We told the manager and at least she comped our meal, but she didn't really tell the waitress so it was a little awkward when we told her. Oh well, one bad meal over the course of 2 weeks isn't bad (at least the risotto underneath the grilled shrimp wasn't bad)!

Dinner at Cosmo's

  We spent our last night eating at Louisiana Lagniappe once again and it was delicious! I had the crabcakes again (no surprise there) and Patrick branched out and had some kind of fish that he liked, but he enjoyed the shrimp etouffee and lobster tails best. Kat had the crab stuffed shrimp and I can't remember what Dave had.
The Skinny B's


  I thoroughly enjoyed our time down at the beach and felt re-energized once we arrived back in Atlanta. I'm very glad that we were able to spend so much time down at the beach, thanks to Patrick's job requirements. I know, right? 
  Anyways, two last pictures of the Wrigster. The first is where we found him one night while we were playing cards late into the night. I guess he decided he was really tired and loved the couches my mom has at the beach so he put himself to bed. He was quite irate when we had to wake him up and put him in his crate for bed that night.

  Don't you love these ears? I do, but I might just be a little biased. :) Wrigley would jump up on the couch every day and would just watch what we were doing if we were eating at the dining room table or if we were in the kitchen. We figured that he must just love being able to see since normally due to those stubby little legs, he can't! So precious! 

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