Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Wreath

  Last year, I bought a berry wreath from Pier 1 that I really enjoyed but so did the little birds that live in my holly bushes right by my door. I decided I would try my hand at making a fall wreath this year. Granted, it has taken me a couple of weeks to knock it out as the supplies sat on my dining room table before my parents came into town and then I finally started putting it together one night before I had to go work the next morning. Typical of me to start a project around 9 pm before work. I combined two projects that I saw on Emily's blog which I am absolutely loving!! My wreath is very simple and I got a little excited with my glue gun before I realized that I added the second ruffle a little wrong so I just added a third layer and I think it works. I created three satin flowers and just hot glued them to the top of my wreath. I couldn't decide if I wanted to add any feathers, but decided I liked it a little simpler and that my feathers didn't really look right. Here are a few pictures of the process.

All the lovely satins I picked out at the store

Burning the edges of the petals

Stacking up the petals

Adding the beads to secure the flower together

My three finished satin flowers

Layers of burlap

My first ruffle (I spy a Wrigster, do you?)

Sewing the burlap together so I can ruffle it

Whoops, I forgot to wrap the second layer in the inside of the wreath.

So, I just added my third ruffle layer

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