Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shopping in the Basement

When we were at my grandparents' house for Thanksgiving, I made sure to go down into their basement and snoop around for some goodies. My grandparents have lived in the same house for decades and when we were younger, we would always go down to the basement to shoot pool or play super nintendo with my cousins. Mama Mil has everything pretty organized down there and has quite the supply of clothes and trinkets. I ended up picking up four green candleholders that I'm hoping to use for Christmas decorations and an oval corningware dish from 1982! She also gave me two blue candleholders that survived the tornado that completely picked up their first house and moved it down the road in 1974. I bought red and white candles today for the candleholders and hopefully next week, I can show you my table decor for the dining room.
And since I never got around to showing all of my fall decorations, here you go! I'm only a season behind! Whoops! I will definitely try to do better with my Christmas decorations!!

My pumpkins and gourds I picked up from Trader Joe's

Crate and Barrel towels from last year


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