Sunday, July 10, 2011

Backin' It Up

Since I never wrote about my birthday party or about the fun-filled first annual Brookhaven Beer Fest, I figured I would throw them in here together now. My birthday party was fantastic as I was surrounded by my wonderful friends. Patrick got me an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins--mint chocolate chip ice cream with vanilla cake. Yum!! Plus, the icing was green and pink-love it! We enjoyed hamburgers and then chowed down on the cake and some overcooked brownies.

Erin and Stephen

After the feast, we decided on playing Catch Phrase, which almost always seems to be the game of choice at any of the parties we have. I don't even know how long we played, but I'm pretty sure I was on the winning team (yay!). We had such a great night! I know some of the pictures are terrible, but I wanted to showcase everyone who was there even though I didn't really take many pictures. Thanks to Kate though, I have these!

Kelly's first time of playing Catch Phrase!!

I love both Dave and Pat looking over my shoulders. Awesome.

Kate and Allison

Love this pic of Al!

The next weekend, we got a small group together and walked down to the first annual (we hope!) Brookhaven Beer Festival after chowing down on some hot dogs and brats. There were so many people attending and the weather was gorgeous, though sweltering, and we had a great time! I was impressed with the amount of vendors who were at the festival. We got a cute little glass that I really enjoy drinking my morning OJ from now and had a great time tasting various beers.
Erin, Kate, and me at the beginning of the festival




My neighbor, Laura!
We did a lot of walking up and down the road and met up with one of my sweet neighbors, Laura, and her friends. We got there pretty early (even though Stephen wanted us walking by 2:45) and got to sample some of the smaller breweries that ended up running out a few hours later. After a while, the heat got to us and we walked home then went over to Stephen and Erin's house for a yummy dinner. Stephen made two types of pizzas on the grill and a wonderful Caesar salad. I'll share the recipes later as I've got to go to bed for another week tomorrow!


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  1. Happy belated Birthday! Looks like a fun time. I suck at Catch Phrase though!! :)