Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Bliss

  Last weekend, we dropped Wrigley off at the vet (so sad that Cheryl and Johnny have moved!) and we drove up to Athens to celebrate Stephanie's nuptials to Will. Steph and Pat were good friends in college and ran cross country and track together. I have only been to Athens once (for a game) and Patrick has never been (poor boy, Oxford is much too far for a game) and while I was hoping to run around downtown a little bit, that didn't happen. We stayed in a hotel right off downtown and I took a short power nap. Pat walked down to get us an afternoon snack from Pita Pit, which I haven't eaten at since college, and then we hurried to get ready for the wedding.
  Steph and Pat lived together in a cute, little house during college and even though she lives in Atlanta (OTP), we hadn't seen her in ages. We finally got to meet Will and we are holding y'all to dinner on July 30 before the big move!! Now that it's written, we have to get together, okay, Steph??
  Steph and Will got married in a quaint chapel in the Botanical Gardens and the ceremony was very sweet. I loved the string quartet that played and of course, Stephanie looked gorgeous!! She was just glowing and I was so excited to finally meet Will! After the ceremony, we walked down the path to the conservatory and snacked on some hors d'oeuvres while we waited for the newly married couple to finish taking pictures. Another one of Pat's good friends, Carolyn, was a bridesmaid and it was wonderful to be able to hang out with her (though we missed her husband, Preston). We ate, drank, and danced until we finally had to send Steph and Will off around 11pm.
  After the reception, we decided to go out in Athens with some of the other wedding guests from Atlanta. We walked from the hotel downtown and ended up a bar called 8es with Jacque, Ben, Addie, Heather, and her date. After we saw Santa Claus (no lie, he was even wearing red, but I failed to get a picture), we decided to hop on over to another bar called Allgood's. We only stayed there for a little bit before deciding we were too hungry and tired to stay out any longer. There was a little place similar to Moe's across from the bar and we ran in to grab a bite before walking to our hotels.
  The next morning, Patrick had to go downstairs and eat breakfast at the hotel before we left. He tried to get me to do so, but I would have much rather just slept, so we got on the road and headed back home. I was impressed with how easy the drive was and wish that Auburn or Jackson were that close! Oh well! It was a great weekend and I wish Steph and Will the best in their new adventures together!!!


  1. looks like such a fun celebration! Steph looks beautiful in the pics. Glad you two could make it!

  2. I know! We missed you and Clark!