Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Peachtree

All the girls: Danielle, me, Kathryn, Amanda, Margaret, and Evelyn

  Since Patrick was in Australia over the summer, I convinced my sister to come over and visit me for about a week over the fourth of July. Pat and I had also gotten our Peachtree race numbers as well, so I had an extra number for Margaret. Last year was my first year running it and I didn't get to put in a time  and was in group X. Ugh, that was terrible to start running so late! But since I entered in last year's time for this year, I moved up to group L. Woohoo! I kind of decided the week of that I actually wanted to race for time, but neglected to tell my sister who thought that it would be just a fun 10K. Whoops! We had a great time anyway and it was nice to show the city off to Margaret (even though I don't think she was listening to any of my comments along the way, especially once we got around 10th Street).

me and Margaret

me and my bestest

me and my seester

  Margaret and I finished the race in 1:15:12 which was an improvement over my race the previous year (1:23) and I felt great during this race! We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging at Danielle's pool and then went over to a neighbor's house for a backyard barbeque. It was a great week and I am so happy that Margaret came and shared it with me! I'm also glad she didn't kill me after the race! :) I am looking forward to next year's race!


  1. Great job on making such a big improvement in your time! I keep hearing so many good things about this race. We are going to have to break down and come to Atlanta to run it!

  2. Thanks, Suzanne! Yall definitely need to come and run it, but beware--you don't really get to "run" unless you're in one of the first groups. However, it still is a fun and decent run! I love it!