Monday, December 10, 2012

Trip to Nashville

I am really surprised that I still have followers because I've been so bad at updating this blog, but I do have one main reason why I disappeared over the summer. Patrick's job actually took him to Australia and I am a little weird about people knowing when and where my every move may be, especially since I was home by myself this summer!
Anyways, Allison and I took a trip up to Nashville over the summer to visit with Katie and Tyler. Neither Allison nor I really wanted to drive and we found a solution: the Megabus! It had just recently come to Atlanta and we decided to try it because it was super cheap and we figured we would be together if anything went wrong, so why not? I think it cost us about $10? I can't really remember, but it was ridiculously cheap! 
It's a very cheap because you get picked up on the street (not from a station or something like that) and get dropped off on the street wherever you are going. It added one more hour to the normal trip had we driven, but it was so nice not to have to drive! Neither of us was tired after we got to Nashville because we could rest on the bus and we didn't have the stress of driving!

We scored a bench seat up on the upper level of the bus and it was neat being able to see the sky through the skylights and didn't make you feel very cramped at all! Al brought us sandwiches for lunch and we had one stop right outside Nashville to drop off some people, but it seriously wasn't bad at all! If you need to go somewhere for the weekend, I would highly recommend it because you can't beat the price and it truly wasn't bad! (I know it helped having Al with me though because we were able to share a seat together and not having to seat with some weirdo.)

We ate dinner out on Friday night and then went downtown to a few bars before calling it a night. We had a great time and were highly entertained during our dinner as we sat outside on the breezeway and saw a couple of homeless people getting arrested for being out of control, I'm sure.

 During the day on Saturday, we drove down to Franklin to eat lunch. I forget the name of it, but it was amazing!! We walked around downtown and it was so cute! There were so many adorable shops and we had a great day until it started raining on us a little. Oh well! We went back to Katie's house and enjoyed sitting around and catching up before dinner at a fantastic little restaurant! It was nice to get out of Atlanta and enjoy some quality time with Katie, Allison, and Tyler!

 We also enjoyed Katie's new addition, Momma G. She was quite hilarious and is kind of like a "dog-cat" as she will chase after rubber bands that you throw to her. I love it and I was able to take medication to keep my allergies away from her. Hooray! Thanks, Katie and Tyler for such a wonderful weekend!

Momma G


  1. Aww, what a fun weekend! I have got to make a trip up to Nashville to see them and meet Momma G!

  2. You do! The megabus was pretty cool and definitely the easiest way to get there for me! Momma G is hilarious! I love her!