Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Big Move and the Arctic

  Monday at 7am, I will start my new job as a nurse in the operating room. I am so excited to begin a new career in the operating room as this is what I have always wanted to do, but I am sad to be leaving my friends! I have been blessed over the last 2+ years to have great coworkers and on Thursday for my last day on the floor, they threw me a going away lunch. I felt very loved and all the food was so wonderful! We had pizza, meatballs, chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, chips, cookies, cake, and brownies. Taylor made me "Good luck, Emily" signs and hung them up on the lockers. My last week on the floor ended pretty well and I will definitely think of my friends when I'm down in the OR. I will be starting a residency program in the OR and it will be at least a 5 or 6 month program in which I will learn about all the different operating rooms. I think this week is mainly in the classroom and I will be starting with one other girl, but I am really excited. I am hoping that in a few years, I can apply to a First Assist program and hopefully, find a doctor whom I can work with for several years (or more!). 
(Terrible pictures, but this part said "Good")
  Besides finishing out this week with my lovely coworkers whom I will miss so much, I enjoyed being in an Arctic tundra. Wednesday night I got home from work and thought to myself that it was really chilly in my house. We usually keep the heat on 68 and I knew that it should have been warmer than what it was. I look at the thermostat and it is on 63. Ugh. Of course, Pat was out of town, so I was having to troubleshoot it myself. I think it was like 40 degrees outside since the cold weather had kicked in over the last few weeks or so. I could hear the heater trying to turn on as I adjusted the thermostat, but alas, no heat came out of the vents. I slept in sweats with my heating pad and was so glad that we did have hot water on Thursday morning as Wrigley and I warmed up with the hair dryer. I was able to get my AC guy to come out on Friday afternoon and boy, am I glad! Our house was 50 degrees Thursday night and Patrick and I bundled up and I even wore my earmuffs to sleep because I was so cold. I think one of the coils had burned out and it took my guy about 45 minutes or an hour to get everything fixed, but the heat turned back on!! I was so excited when the temperature in my house started to rise! I know Wrigley was excited as well since I had found him trying to lay on towels used to dry him off from the torrential rains and on the rug, anything to keep off the tiles or hardwoods. 
  Of course, today is beautiful and I think it's supposed to get up to 70 degrees so I won't really need the heat! But I am thankful that we have it fixed for now! Well, I'm off to enjoy my weekend! I hope you enjoy yours as well!

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