Wednesday, March 16, 2011


  So this week has been a new adventure for me at work as I started in the operating room. It's been fun so far and I'm really excited to start learning about everything, but I'm still going to be getting used to working 40 hours a week (normal, I know, but not for floor nurses as a full week is 36 hours). These two books are my new best friends:
 Alexander's care of the patient in surgery [Book]Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery, 14e and Tighe: Instrumentation for the Operating Room, 7e Package [Book]
  Oh so much fun!! My dad asked me if I knew all my instruments (to scrub in with the doctor on the case or to count with the scrub) and the answer is nope, not yet. It's a little overwhelming how much there is to know and you never really know what you will have, but I'm excited. I'm working with one other new nurse in my program and it's very nice to know someone else because otherwise, I know I'd be lost.
  On another note, today has been beautiful but still a little chilly. I'm thankful to see the sun again though because I hate that rainy weather. Sunday I planted three new azaleas in the front yard where our other ones died last year and I am hoping they will grow nicely. (I guess the rain was nice as I didn't have to water them yesterday.) Pat and I picked out the salmon color ones and I hope that they bloom nicely. I also bought some seeds for zinnias, but I am not sure where I will plant them yet. I think I need to start them inside first from the seeds and then transplant them once they grow a bit, but as quite the novice gardener, I really have no idea. I'm trying to find out where the best "full sun" is in my yard before I plant them. I almost bought another hydrangea, but stopped myself before I got too crazy. I absolutely adore blue hydrangeas and I've nursed the two in the front yard back to health and have kept the one my realtor gave me alive for almost two years now, but I think they like morning sun better and the back yard gets all of that. I was told before I plant anything in the back yard, I must wait until we make a new deck, tear out the hot tub, yada, yada, yada. (Love you, P!)
  Sunday, Pat and I also went to City Dog Market because the little porker is quite overweight (doesn't help that his mama is very sporadic in walking him) at 37 pounds. Whoops! So we are trying to slim him down by exercise and changing his food. If you live near City Dog Market and own a dog, you should definitely go have a look! While we were there, a guy was starting to bathe his corgi who did NOT want to walk up the stairs to the bath. It was hilarious. They really are the most stubborn little creatures, but I just love them so! It was all I could do not to harass the man about his dog. The staff members are very helpful (I guess one guy has been studying dog food for the last five years and so he guided us on the best type for the Wrigster--hopefully, it will help those pounds shed off) and they carry a lot of great items. P went crazy in that store and I had to tell him to put items back because Wrigley really doesn't need that many toys. It was quite amusing. I told him when we have kids, he will go crazy over sports stuff and play things with them as I will want to buy lots of clothes!
  Anyways, I've got to go read some more Alexander to prepare for tomorrow.

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