Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Evening at Woodfire Grill

  Kathryn and I decided that we wanted to surprise the boys with a night out at Woodfire Grill. Pat and I went over to their condo where the boys proceeded to try and guess where we would be going. I thought about blindfolding the boys, but didn't get that far. I did drive, however, Dave said he knew immediately where we were going once we turned out of their building. UGH! We can hardly ever surprise them!

Patrick and I have been there before with my parents and we loved it, but we knew we wanted to go back and try the Chef's Tasting menu. Kat and Dave have also been several times and were up for the challenge. We were seated upstairs above the bar in a private room that can seat up to 22, I believe our waitress told us. There was one other party behind us, but we hardly noticed them! I forgot to take pictures of all the food because I was scarfing it down too quickly, but we decided upon the 5 course tasting menu. Um, delicious.

We were first treated to an amuse-bouche with "foods that had pits" as our waitress described. I can't really remember what it was, but it was good! I know there was avocado in it. The first course was shrimp with a light tomato broth. I took a spoon and lapped it up! 
The second course (that I forgot to take a picture of) was trout. I was nervous about this one because I normally don't order fish like trout, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The next course was teriyaki duck. Oh. my. Absolutely delicious. I cleaned the meat off the bones. The sauce was ridiculous and I again cleaned my plate.

Next up was pork belly two ways over polenta with a peach (!) and tempura fried okra. Yup, you guessed it, nobody left it (well, I think Dave cleaned the leftovers from Kat's plate). The slice of peach could have been so wrong, but Kevin did it just right.

 Above pictured was our dessert which was delicious. There was a chocolate sauce, spongy tres leches cake with ice cream and a yummy wafer on top. Sorry for my lack of detail, but trust me, it was amazing. Maybe Kathryn will remember the details. Dave also chose a great wine, a claret by Steltzner, to pair with our surprise dinner.

  Afterwards, we met up with Danielle and her friend at Ri Ra, an Irish pub in Midtown. The band was fun and we enjoyed dancing for a little after our delicious dinner! If you are ever in Atlanta and are feeling adventurous, I would highly recommend the chef's tasting menu (either the 5 or 7 course, but 5 was perfect for me and Kat though the boys vowed they could have done 7) at Woodfire Grill. Plus, it's always fun seeing someone from tv (Chef Kevin) running around the place! Yummy!!