Thursday, September 22, 2011

da Bears

  Still feeling terrible, but I had to show this picture of my boys before the opening game because they are just so adorable and it makes me feel a bit better.
  For anyone who knows Pat and his family knows they are OBSESSED with the Bears. I received a Bears jersey during my rehearsal dinner and last year, I just had to buy a jersey for Wrigley. (Patrick first said it was ridiculous, but I know he loves that I bought it.) P can probably tell you just about anything and everything about the Bears. I am not even as obsessed with Auburn as P is with da Bears.

  Last Sunday was a very sad day in our household as the Saints beat the Bears. I have a feeling that I should have put Wrigley in his jersey and should have worn my shirt, so this weekend, especially, we will all be decked out for the game. Maybe I'll try to get a family picture to show y'all. Beardown!!

Woman, stop taking my picture!


  1. hehe too cute :) Wrigley's neck scruff almost looks fake.. like a fur collar around the jersey! We get really superstitious about what we wear for Colts games usually..but since Peyton is out it's hard to care that much :(

  2. Heheh thanks! Now that you mention it, his scruff does look like a fake fur collar! Ugh, I hate that for Peyton! I know y'all must be so upset!