Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We've got a talker!

When Patrick and I first got Wrigley, I tried and tried to get him to talk. I would roll my r's and ask him to talk to us and he would just give me quizzical looks like, "Mom, you are so crazy" and "I have no idea what the heck you really want me to do".
  However, I am determined to get my pup to speak! It probably stems from the fact that my parents' first Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Tinker, would always talk to us when we would roll our r's to her. I've still been working with Wrigley and he is slowly coming around. My mom was in town a few weekends ago and she brought out the talker!! Wrigley would not keep his mouth quiet while she was here. Mom would walk into the spare bedroom and Wrigley would run after her, all the while, making whiny little noises at her. He was cracking us all up the entire weekend! And I had no idea where this talker came from!
  A few days ago, while I was trying to do my P90X yoga, Wrigley decided he needed some attention. Now, pardon the poor video skills, but I did have a Wrigster trying to climb all over me. Wrigley has found his voice and now starts barking randomly. ACK! While I like the talking, I don't really like the barking. Without further ado, here's the quick video.

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