Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night, I ran the Kaiser Permanente 5K. Patrick had signed us both up in June or July to run this thing and since I am not a runner, I have been trying to work out/run a couple of times a week to prepare for it. Unfortunately, P has some torn cartilage and muscle betweeen his ribs that we just got the "official" diagnosis this week and the doc told him not to run/limit his exercise for the next couple of weeks so we had a little problem with the run being this week.
 There was no way I was going to run it by myself and even if Patrick and I decided to walk it, he had a soccer practice he is coaching for the YMCA at the same time as the run. Thankfully, my best friend is a crazy, avid runner, so I called her up Wednesday night and she said she would definitely run it with me.
  Well, we did it! My first 5K ever and while my time was probably not wonderful (32:30), I'm okay with that because I just wanted to finish. I did make Kat walk with me for a bit as I got an annoying cramp, but I finished it. The next 5k I run, I will definitely know where the finish line actually is because I probably could have sped up had I known where we were ending. Whoops.
  Kat, thanks for running my slow pace with me!!


  1. Anytime! I had a blast! We are definitely doing it again and wearing our skinny b's shirts!

  2. Oh, definitely! Though I haven't run since! haha :)