Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You should remember this from a few posts ago:
Yup, that's our lovely tarp over our leaking skylight. Well, after crunching the numbers, the hubs and I decided on a company to come out and fix it before the rains come during this winter. Unfortunately, we decided to replace both of the skylights in the sunroom as the guy said, "Mam, I'm not going to lie; if we don't replace both of them now, you are really going to hate the way the old one looks." Smart move, Kevin, very smart to play on a woman's concern of what it's going to look like! Sold, two brand spanking new skylights! They are very nice tempered, tinted glass and I do like them!

                   Well, hello outside world!
  Kevin was nice enough to climb up on the roof with my camera and take pictures of all the areas they fixed Hooray! In addition to them fixing all the leaky issues we have had over the past year, they also put in a shiny new fan thingie that Kevin proudly stated the color matched the rest of the black pipes coming out of the house. Since I had made Patrick climb up on a ladder two weeks before they came to clean out the gutters in the back of the house, we also decided it was time to place some gutter covers. We had to buy two kinds before we found one type that would work and while you can see the white covers on the front of the house, as long as they do a better job than no covers, I don't care what they look like. It was the most disgusting thing I had seen in a long time and I'm a nurse!! 
                                 New fan
  The guys did a good job, but I guess only time will tell if all of the leaks are fixed when it starts to rain again! Here's to hoping!!
                                                                  The finished product

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  1. They certainly looked great, Emily. You did the right decision and invested on new skylights instead of continuously trying to fix the old ones. Aside from getting a better deal, your new ones are more upgraded and require less maintenance. Anyway, how did they fair during the rainy season?

    Willie Norman