Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christmas in September

My husband is an impulsive buyer. Period. And y'all, it's bad. I'm not really sure how to remedy it since it only comes out occasionally, but when he gets an idea in his head that he wants something new, it's over. One past example of this splurge happy husband is the time we drove all over Atlanta to buy a Wii (went to at least three different stores) at 9 o'clock at night. Another example, I come home from work one night to find P watching a movie in BLURAY since he decided he needed a new blu-ray dvd player to go along with our Christmas gift flat screen TV. You know, because the old dvd player just wouldn't go with the new TV. I also ended up with my Wrigster due to a whim from my husband when he e-mailed our breeder to see when she would have another litter and she said she had one male puppy available then.
  However, all of these examples pale in comparison (and I know I'm leaving so many more out) with the purchase the hubs made on Saturday. My best friend unfortunately told Pat that Best Buy was having a sale on TVs through the weekend since she actually needed a new TV on Thursday night and so my husband's innerworkings started concocting a plan to buy a new TV. It's not that we actually needed one, but we now are sporting a new plasma 50 inch TV. I mean, good gracious the thing is HUGE! I am quite the pushover though because instead of telling him no, he bargained and bought me a DSLR camera. He knows that cameras are always on my radar and I have been begging for one for several years now, so he was tricky and played that card. "Look honey, I'll get my TV and you can have your camera!" He is so bad!!
 But I'm a very lucky girl and he should consider himself a very lucky man! Indeed! So here's to me trying to figure out how to use my new toy, a Canon Rebel T1i and here is the current set up in our living room for football season. Yes, a little ridiculous, but a wise choice to capture all the great games this way! What an early Christmas to us!

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