Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

  So last night was a crazy game for Auburn, but thankfully, we were able to pull it out against Clemson on that lucky shank by their kicker (poor thing). Whew! Pat didn't have too wonderful of a weekend as Ole Miss lost and his soccer team lost. But we did enjoy the company of not only Kat and Dave, but also Kate, Stephen and Erin! We chowed down on hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, and chocolate chip cake. Yum! Even though my cake didn't really have the perfect mold of the bundt pan half of it stayed in the pan, it at least tasted good. The game lasted forever and we were sad to see State lose to LSU and enjoyed some classic videos on you tube that Kate showed us.
  Today, we ate brunch at The 57th Fighter Group with Stephen and Erin and it was delicious! The restaurant is a very neat place and we had great seats right next to the Dekalb Airport runway. It was overwhelming at first because there was a huge spread of food and I wasn't sure if I wanted breakfast or lunch. I started with breakfast then worked my way through lunch and polished off the meal with two desserts! My favorites were the cheese grits, eggs benedict, beef tips, and key lime pie. Needless to say, I was stuffed to the brim afterwards! The best part of it though was being able to use my first Scoutmob deal on my phone! How exciting!! I can't wait for my parents to come so we can chow down there again!
  After brunch, Stephen and Erin asked if we wanted to accompany them to the Atlanta Humane Society to buy look at puppies. We walked into the puppy room and saw several cute pups right off the bat. Stephen made his rounds and suddenly, he is signed a "preliminary adoption" paper so he can hold one of the puppies in the cages. He got his heart set on a 3 month old shepherd/labrador mix, but Erin just wasn't sure. We put Rocco back up and moved to the second dog room where the pups are older and are in the bigger runs. We walk around the entire area and Patrick sees him: a beautiful, calm 7 month old German shepherd/labrador mix named Duke. Well, Duke is now Baylor and has moved into his new house down the street from us. Of course, P is trying to convince Stephen and Erin that they need to buy Rocco because he wants Duke/Baylor, but Stephen and Erin are sold by the fact that all of the big dogs are TWENTY BUCKS!!! Yes, twenty bucks for a dog! Yeah, yeah, I know that all the "free" dogs aren't really free, but still, it's a great deal that is a good cause if you can give a dog a good home and it is going on until the end of September. I am so excited that our friends now have a dog and I can't wait to see his personality shine! I will just have to keep Patrick from trying to steal him though I don't think that Wrigley would like to have another brother right now. He enjoys being an only child.

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