Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a Little Late

  Better late than never, right? As I'm supposed to be taking my Christmas decorations down officially today, I will finally post a few pictures of the Christmas decor I was able to put up around the house. I can't believe that Christmas is already over! I'm in mourning as I love Christmas and this year I wasn't able to get my decorations up as soon as I wanted to! Oh well! Better luck next year!
  *Eek, I just reached my limit of storage space on my blog and had to purchase more space? Has this happened to anyone else?

   Well, there ya go. Not too much, but it worked for me this year. I can't wait to hopefully add some more decorations next year! (I forgot to take pictures of my wreath and garland on the front porch. Oh well!!


  1. Looks great! I love that photo of Wrigley!!

    Hmm, do you upload all of your photos to blogger? That may be the problem. I upload all of mine to Flickr and then link to I've never received that warning. Although, I do have to pay Flickr $25 a year!

  2. Love the pics! Your tree looks great! :)

  3. Thanks y'all! Kelly, I just upload the ones I select to blogger. Hmmm, maybe I should look into Flickr. I have a Mac so i just keep all my photos in iphoto though I think I might need photoshop or something because I have so many photos. Who knows.