Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Damn Eagle!

Thank you, Auburn!! Finally! Redemption for our 2004 season! War Eagle, baby!

Cam Newton  from Auburn's website Nick Fairley

 from Sports Illustrated


  1. Yeah! You know, even though I graduated from a Pac-10 school, I still feel more loyalty to the SEC. So long as the school isn't M.State, Arkansas or Alabama. Just so you know, I'm following your blog now :) You guys have the cutest dog. Glad to see you both are doing great!

    Rachel (Pat's friend from Ole Miss)

  2. Thanks, Rachel!! Haha, I completely understand the alabama bit! I can't handle them! We are doing good and I've been reading your blog too! I love it! I didn't realize that both of y'all are nurses! Thanks for keeping up with us!