Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

  Last night it started snowing around 9ish at our house and kept going through the night until about 5:30 when it started sleeting, but it sure is beautiful!! On top of the ice is a thin layer of ice and so far, not too many people have been trying to get out though my neighbor across the street drove himself to Kroger and we have seen a few cars go past our street. The last time we had snow last year around this exact same time, we couldn't get out of our neighborhood due to the ice at the top of the hill. I am hoping that it all clears up before Wednesday when I have to work. Patrick's client closed their office today so he is at home working. I am very happy that he isn't having to drive up to the mountains today and he gets to stay home and watch AUBURplay in the National Championship. Hooray!! I am just thankful that I had scheduled myself to be off today and tomorrow in preparation for the game because my poor friends had to drive to the hospital early yesterday and spend the night so they could work on the floor this morning! Ludacris, I tell you! Such is the life of a nurse. These pictures are from this morning. 
Looking out our front door

Icicles off my window in the kitchen

Part of our deck in the back yard

Terrible picture, but look at the amount of snow on the chair!

  Wrigley absolutely loves the snow and he bounds in it like a little rabbit. I love it. He also likes to eat the snow and this morning, he kept sticking his face into the snow, but would shake off the snow before I could get a good picture of him. The bad thing is that he really doesn't know what to do when he has to go to the bathroom and so I suggested to P that he shovel out a little grassy area for Wrigley to do his business. So far, it has worked once. P said he tried to poop this morning when he got up and Wrigley squatted but jumped up immediately when he felt his bottom touch the snow and looked at P like, "Whoa, dude, that is COLD!!" HAHA! I just love it!!

  In preparation for our big "snowstorm" in the south last night, I decided to make Green Pepper Steak for dinner and used the leftover Greek salad from Mellow Mushroom. I also picked up ingredients to make Broccoli Cheddar soup. I have found two recipes online and am going to see if I can combine them to make a stellar soup. I'll post it when I make it. I can't decide if I want to make it tonight or tomorrow night. In addition, I also made 12 more Freezer Sandwiches (I was trying to make 16, but whoops, I forgot to get an extra 1/2 pound of ham, ergo we have 12). If the power goes out, I'm hoping I can still use my gas stove to heat up some food. ? Hopefully, we won't have to worry about that. One last WAR  EAGLE!!

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